Brand Catalog

Moon Mother hemp Co.

Brand Development and Catalog

Designed as Art Director at Humid Creative

The culmination of Moon Mother’s brand overhaul was the brand booklet; one part brand history- about the owners and the farm, and one part product catalog, with the answers to frequently asked questions sprinkled throughout. This piece was primarily intended for potential distributors and retailers. I wrote and edited the copy, and designed the layout of the book. I worked with an FSC certified vendor and ensured that the production on recycled paper was carried out with extreme care.

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Brand Development

The relationship with Moon Mother began with this project. They had a logo, but otherwise the brand needed some refinement. I established a new color palette, streamlined typographic choices, created consistency in graphics and established a photographic style. This work gave the brand a more polished aesthetic and helped them appeal to a female-focused niche within the booming CBD economy.