Hi, I'm Sarah.

I believe that design is visual communication– expressing a clear idea that connects with users should always be the goal, regardless of format.

I’ve spent the past 15 years as a creative director, art director and designer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I have worked for a variety of creative agencies, and directly with my own clients. I specialize in clean, minimal design with a focus on D2C, brand-driven products. This includes packaging, branding/brand development, digital content, social media, retail design, print/digital advertising, brand collateral, and more. I enjoy working with clients in the wellness and beauty industry, especially those with a focus on environmental sustainability.

Outside of my career, I love spending time in nature; hiking, gardening, camping, or just playing outdoors with my kids. I almost always have a hands-on creative project in the works. l enjoy making pottery, interior design, sewing, and photography.

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Creative Thinker

Strategic Marketer

Proven Leader

I love sharing my knowledge and design tool kit with less experienced creatives. There’s nothing more satisfying than witnessing the success of a designer I’ve had the privilege of nurturing.

Curiosity, problem solving and creative thinking are skills that have allowed me to rise to the occasion of a really wacky creative brief and get it done– even when it’s new or intimidating. I’m comfortable getting my hands dirty (sometimes literally).

I'm always working to understanding who a brand’s customers are, where they are, how to speak to and visually communicate with them, and how a single creative execution fits into an overall marketing strategy.