October 16, 2013

Woodcut Relief Prints by Bryan Nash Gill

woodcut relief prints from cleanlinestudio.combbb2671774cdf43daa161c598ecd5d2eIf you’ve been following afl, then you’ll know that I like art, and I like nature, pretty much equally (please don’t make me choose). Bryan Nash Gill’s woodcut series is a perfect marriage between the two. He sometimes leaves the forms untouched, creating a dynamic black and white relief just as they are. And then other times, he arranges the shapes to create a whole new, purposeful design.

There’s a book of his work for sale at Modest Wanderer. I just found this shop, and want to buy everything under “adventuring” for my hubs, including Bryan’s book. You can also see some images of the artist in action right here. Aren’t his prints just amazing?

Katherine : 09:55 October 16, 2013 Reply
This is so cool!! Artists are awesome. (I guess you know that.)
    Sarah : 09:20 October 17, 2013 Reply
    Yeah Katherine, artists really are awesome. Glad the lawyers among us think so too.

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