June 14, 2013

the refined illustrations of bernadette pascua

bernadette pascua refined illustrations on cleanlinestudio.combernadette pascua refined illustrations on cleanlinestudio.com6a010536c42a0b970c0133f62bbc0a970b-450wiIt sounds strange even as I’m typing it, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Bernadette Pascua‘s apple illustration above. I am enchanted by her work. It’s elegant and minimal, with a subtle touch of color.

I haven’t done much drawing or painting since I graduated from art school, but bernadette’s style of illustration is the type I dream about creating myself. I love seeing the world through her pen and paintbrush! She describes herself as a “multi-disciplinary artist,” and is Based out of Brooklyn. She writes her own blog where she shares her illustration work as well as some gorgeous photo styling. Take a peek, I hope this interesting lady inspires you as much as she does me!

Katherine : 13:43 June 14, 2013 Reply
I like the lady, and the color on her face.
April Louise : 04:33 June 15, 2013 Reply
I love the simplicity of these illustrations. The subjects are good too, I like the shoes!

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