April 2, 2013

a very special post: our wedding photos!

246_44630028from cleanlinestudio.comfrom cleanlinestudio.comfrom cleanlinestudio.commy wedding from from cleanlinestudio.comfrom cleanlinestudio.comfrom cleanlinestudio.comfrom cleanlinestudio.comfrom cleanlinestudio.comfrom cleanlinestudio.commy wedding from cleanlinestudio.comfrom cleanlinestudio.com Good Morning, I am SO excited to finally share our wedding images with you! We were just featured on once wed, so now I don’t have to keep them a secret anymore. I loved every single moment of our wedding day. I think the look on my face in these beautiful photographs makes it obvious! I hope you enjoy them. If you have questions or comments about planning a wedding (specifically in Philadelphia) feel free to ask away!

Image credit: Kate Murphy

Leigh : 12:52 April 2, 2013 Reply
They are soooo beautiful! Looks like it was a perfect day! When did you get married?
M&K : 20:55 April 2, 2013 Reply
Love these photos! You make a beautiful bride and you guys happiness really shines thru in these photography! Congratulations on being featured on Once Wed! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com
Sarah : 20:58 April 2, 2013 Reply
Thanks so much to both of you! We got married on June 9th, 2012 so coming up on a year!
Victoria : 00:02 April 4, 2013 Reply
Wow! These photos are GORGEOUS!!!!!! Blessings to you and your husband.
Sincerely Sammie : 02:49 April 5, 2013 Reply
Gorgeous wedding photos! You looked stunning!
Latrina : 22:20 April 8, 2013 Reply
Wow, these are absolutely stunning. Being a photographer myself, I can definitely say... you had one hell of a photographer. Kate's work is phenomenal. I love the style + as well as the colors you chose for your wedding! So elegant. <3 And congratulations, by the way. :) Married life is amazing!
    Sarah : 09:48 April 9, 2013 Reply
    Thank you so much, Latrina! My husband is a photo editor, and the photography was one of the few wedding details he really cared about. Him and I spent weeks looking through and considering photographers. We were so happy with Kate! She's obviously a very talented photographer, but also a super sweet and easy going gal. I'm so glad we used her!
Callie : 21:20 April 22, 2013 Reply
Congratulations! Your wedding looks absolutely beautiful! All of your details are amazing.
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