August 20, 2014

Logo Case Study: Hallie Henley Design

I’ve been meaning to share more of my work lately, and today I’m fiiinally making that happen! I’m sharing the branding and identity system for Hallie Henley Design, from start to finish. Hallie is an award-winning interior designer who is just starting her own company, and was an absolute dream client for me. See the moodboard, and design process after the jump!

logo case study: hallie henley design

As I do with all my branding clients, we started with a mood board. I typically create a secret board on pinterest that both myself and my client pin to. We chat in the comments section, figure out their likes and dislikes, and I help them to decide what they want if they’re feeling indecisive (although in this case, Hallie was not). Sometimes my clients aren’t as visual as I am, so I also ask them to think about 5 or so adjectives to describe the look and feel of their brand. In Hallie’s case we went with: classic, sophisticated, feminine, elegant, minimal, luxe


logo case study: hallie henley design

What you’re seeing above is the rough logo concept phase, and the most time consuming part of my process. I generally show three options, but I’ll throw in an additional one if applicable. I provide as much information as possible, to give the client a concrete sense of how that concept would translate to other marketing materials. Then it’s in their hands to make a decision (typically the toughest part of the process for them)…



logo case study: hallie henley design

Lastly, the client makes their choice and requests any modifications they may want to make to the design. In this case, Hallie chose the mark from concept number 3, and a variation on the type treatment from concept one. I then design put any patterns or accompanying versions of their logo mark that they may want. I provide their final files with color breakdowns, and whatever file types they may need.

If you are in the market for a new logo or design work, you can view some samples on my portfiolio page, learn more about my creative process, or contact me via my contact form!

Kim : 21:32 August 20, 2014 Reply
You are so creative! I really enjoyed reading the breakdown of this process.

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