October 18, 2013

favorite slab serif fonts + some serif info

myfavoriteslabseriffonts1Hey there, happy Friday! This series has been really popular, especially on pinterest, so I’m back for a third round. Slab serif fonts are a category identified by thick and vertical serifs, often with little variation in the font’s strokes. If you aren’t sure what a serif is, let’s rewind a bit and check out the diagram below:

explaining-slab-serif2Archer (included in the diagram above and linked below) is perhaps my most favorite font of all. As a girl who have over 4,000 fonts on her computer it’s tough for me to commit. But archer has stolen my heart for it’s gorgeous shapes and variety of weights. You’ll probably notice me using it all the time, now that I’ve let you in on this little secret. As I’ve stressed before, good fonts are rarely free. I’ll put an asterisk next to the freebies for you, but keep in mind that free fonts often require more kerning and leading work than the pricey tried and true varieties.

As always, if there’s a certain style of fonts you’d like for me to feature, please leave a comment! Have a beautiful weekend! See my post about handwritten font favorites here, and my favorite free fonts here.

Archer | Museo Sans | Silverfake | Josefin Slab | Schwager | Homestead
St.Marie | Airbag | Rockwell | Geometric Slab Serif Condensed

susan : 11:47 October 18, 2013 Reply
This is a well curated collection...and I had never heard the term "slab serif", so thank you for educating me! :)
    Sarah : 18:16 October 21, 2013 Reply
    Yay Susan, glad to share my type education! I've done previous posts about handwritten and free fonts too!
Mash : 21:47 March 21, 2015 Reply
Hi, Sarah Thanks for this post. Perhaps you can help me... I am an Interior Design student preparing my portfolio and I have fallen in love with H&FJ's IDLEWILD font for its elegant engineering look. I will be using its lighter weight as my display font and am looking for a companion for body text, preferably a slab serif with little variation in font stroke. Would you share with me some suggestions which might pair nicely with IDLEWILD? I would be using the companion in short conceptual paragraphs within my portfolio, and in my resume/ cover letter. Thanks in advance!
    Sarah : 15:22 March 23, 2015 Reply
    Hi Mash- Idlewild is a lovely font, and I think using a slab-serif with it is a wise choice. Idlewild is an extended font. To me, it has a very squared off geometric feeling to it. I'd look for that same kind of personality in a slab-serif font, but make sure they're different enough that it's clear you're using two different fonts. I'd recommend Vitesse, Schwager, or maybe even Arvo (a google font freebie).

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