September 13, 2013

Double Exposure Perfection / Where I’ve Been


I remember dappling with the art of double exposure photography long ago in college, back in an era where film cameras were still the norm. I never achieved any double exposure brilliance like this. It requires two complimentary images, and a lot of luck. What I do remember is the thrill of developing your own film, or getting it back from the lab. It felt exciting to see your negatives for the first time. With an alternative process like this you may discover an image different that you’d imagines, perhaps a billion times better. I can only imagine the jubilation these photographers must have experienced when they saw these images for the first time, mega jack pot!

As you may have noticed, I kinda flaked out on blogging this week. I had some minor blogging setbacks at the end of last week, and I just wasn’t feeling it. Although I fully intend to keep up with afl, I’m giving myself permission to treat it as more of a hobby than a full time job. Between motherhood, wifing it up, my own freelance design business, this blog, and recent (part time) return to agency life, something had to give. This is essentially just a disclaimer to let you know that may not post every single monday, wednesday and friday. Have a great weekend, and see you Monday(ish)!

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Lisa : 18:04 September 13, 2013 Reply
These are absolutely stunning! I love them!
Lisa : 13:53 September 26, 2013 Reply
I just stumbled upon this tutorial, and it reminded me of this post!
    Sarah : 22:15 September 27, 2013 Reply
    Thanks so much Lisa, I love it and can't wait to try!
susan : 08:40 September 28, 2013 Reply
These are amazing. Also, I hear ya on the blogging...I also have a M,W,F goal of posting but being a WAHM with twins prevents that from happening at times. Don't be too hard on yourself. ;)

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