June 21, 2013

breakfast of champions: the green smoothie

green smoothie from cleanlinestudio.comI’m generally not very creative when it comes to breakfast. Recently I’ve been experimenting with green smoothies as a healthy alternative to our everyday breakfast meals. I like the idea of getting all of the vitamins and minerals you get from greens in a format that it’s a bit more palatable for your morning meal. It’s also a great way to use up produce that’s a little over-ripe, and my three year old daughter loves them too!

You can use any leafy greens for your “base”. Be sure to choose something that doesn’t have a strong flavor, like baby spinach or kale (arugula or swiss chard will have a much more present taste). I fill my blender with the leafy green of my choice, and then add enough almond milk or juice to make it blender friendly. Once you’ve blended your greens, it’s time to add the other ingredients for taste. The trick is to add just enough fruit to make the smoothie taste good, but not so much that you’re filling your body with sugar. I like to use fruits like banana and strawberry, because they cover the salad taste nicely. Keep in mind that tropical fruits tend to be very high in sugar, so use them sparingly. You can finish it off with some yogurt and flax (or chia) seeds for texture. That’s it, happy blending! (Full recipe after the jump)

green smoothie from cleanlinestudio.comKALE STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIE (pictured above)
1 blender full of baby kale (about 6 cups)
1 C    Almond Milk
1/2 C Orange Juice
1 C    Yogurt (I used greek, but would recommend regular)
4 T     Flax seeds


Victoria : 14:30 June 21, 2013 Reply
I love your cow cutting board! How cute is that!? One of my favorite smoothie I make is with spinach and watermelon. I always love trying new green smoothie recipes Thank you for sharing!
    Sarah : 14:33 June 21, 2013 Reply
    Ha, thanks Victoria! That cutting board has been my husband's since long before we were married. Watermelon spinach sounds great, I'm definitely going to try that. Another one that I really liked was celery and catalooupe. I'll probably post that recipe at a later date. Thanks for sharing!

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