May 22, 2013

alison cooley original art giveaway!

alison cooley original art giveaway from cleanlinestudio.comYou guys, I am just over the moon excited about today’s giveaway. I’m sure you remember the beautiful work of New England based artist Alison Cooley that I featured on a fine line a few weeks ago. Well, Alison has been kind enough to partner with me for a giveaway of one of her original watercolor paintings! Amazing, right?

So here’s the deal: This will be a judged pinterest contest. To enter, please create a pinterest mood board inspired by one of Alison’s paintings. You must include the image above, as well as a piece from her website on your board. Otherwise, you are limited only by your own creativity! Extra points for clever board names, and feel free to create as many entries as you like. Be sure to leave a comment below with the link to your board. You can see the board I created here. This contest will run for 14 days, ending at midnight on June 5th. It is open to everyone, anywhere in the world (double thanks to Alison for that)! Good luck friends, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Not required, but appreciated:
Please follow a fine line on twitter, facebook, pinterest and instagram
and our lovely artist, Alison Cooley on twitter and pinterest

PS: The judging does not begin until June 6th, so feel free to add your link below whenever you like! I promise not to look at your boards beforehand!

UPDATE: THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Congrats to our winner, Sheri, forĀ this lovely mood board!

Jennilynn : 10:37 May 22, 2013 Reply
How fantastic. My first board is here:
Maria : 15:53 May 22, 2013 Reply
Yay! I hope I win. Her paintings are beautiful... really lovely! Anyway, working on my board but he's the link:
Christie Jones : 16:32 May 29, 2013 Reply
Ah I hope I win - this is such an awesome opportunity (and my apartment needs more original art!)
Jen : 10:00 May 30, 2013 Reply
Such beautiful work!
Elizabeth Langston : 21:08 May 30, 2013 Reply
Thanks! This was fun.
Jayme : 17:15 June 2, 2013 Reply
What a great contest - Her work is GORGEOUS! Here's my board:
Anne Ryan : 14:20 June 4, 2013 Reply
I love Alison's work. It feels so intentional yet without intent. I could add so many more pins to the mood board I created for this contest - her work elicits feelings for days and days! Here you are:
sheri : 22:12 June 5, 2013 Reply
Ashley : 00:42 June 6, 2013 Reply
By the skin of my teeth heres my board: Loved creating a mood board surrounding Alison's work! So delicate! So gorgeous!!

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