August 7, 2013

A Fine Line’s Brand New Business Cards


Hey there friends, happy hump day. With our wax seal giveaway winding down, I’d like to share with you the custom wax seal I purchased from back to zero a while back. I knew I wanted to incorporate a wax seal into my business cards. I was hoping to make them really stand out from the crowd, and be infused with some hand made details. The hands-on doing part is one of my favorite aspects of the creative process. Whether it’s creating custom watercolor patterns and illustrations or cutting and producing wedding invitations, I really get a great amount of joy from making a piece with my own hands.

For the business cards I used Crane’s Letter Paper, and printed all of my information with my own Epson inkjet printer. I cut them down (by hand), and then placed them in mini vellum sleeves I’d purchased on etsy. I wrapped grey baker’s twine around the left side of the sleeve, and then applied the wax seal to keep the twine in place. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, and look forward to another opportunity when I can bust out my wax seal!

If you like what you see here, feel free to take a look at my design portfolio as well as our wax seal giveaway which ends at 11PM this Friday!

Jennilynn : 08:53 August 7, 2013 Reply
Super Cute! Love them!
Christie Jones : 15:31 August 7, 2013 Reply
LOVE them - they look amazing!
Callie : 17:22 August 7, 2013 Reply
These look awesome!!
Kristin : 18:32 August 7, 2013 Reply
They Look Great!
Nicole : 19:21 August 8, 2013 Reply
Melissa : 23:13 August 12, 2013 Reply
Love love love the cards! So creative that I want one of them just to have like a piece of art haha. I'm inspired to go DIY with some cards, but I know mine will look like some 5th grade art class project haha
    Sarah : 07:14 August 13, 2013 Reply
    Aw, thanks Melissa! You can totally have one. Hand cut stuff like this does take some practice, but I like to go this route (especially for my own branding) because it feels special without spending a ton on fancy printing techniques. You could essentially do the same thing with business cards you didn't cut down yourself. I'll give you one next time I see you!

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